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Add "View all downloads" button to customer accounts

What plan do I need?

You will need the Premium plan to unlock the customer account download feature.
You will also need the Classic Customer Accounts, because "New customer Accounts" do not support apps to inject code at this stage. Shopify are releasing it sometime in 2024.

How to set it up

If you are not comfortable with making these adjustments, please contact our support and we are more than happy to do this for you. It would require us to send you a collaborator request to access your store.

Go to your Shopify admin
Go to "Online store"
Click on the three dots and then "Edit code"

Go to the customer account code file. The name could vary depending on your Shopify theme. For example, the Debut Shopify theme, it's called the "main-account.liquid" file.

There are a few ways you could do this. You really have a lot of freedom with this method. You can either use our button code below, or you can use the URL in any location of your choice inside the customer account. Your customers will need to be logged into the account for it to work.

Ensure that you change the domain to your store's domain. You can also adjust the button text if you want. Add this button code to a location of your choice in the customer accounts.

<a href="" >
<button>View all downloads</button>

Ensure that you change the domain to your store domain. Copy & paste the link to a location of your choice, such as a navigation menu, or button.

Please make sure that you change the domain name in the links to your own store domain. You can also change the button text to something of your choice. The button code styling is inherited from your theme styling.

Once you have placed the code in, you can save the file and test it. Here is an example:

Video tutorial

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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