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Add downloads to Shopify's Order Confirmation email

Quick guide (method 1 only)

Method 1 – Renaming the current button

Adding a button that links to the Thank you (Order status) page that includes the download links.

What plan do I need?

For this method, you will need the Basic plan or higher to unlock the Thank you page download links to make this work.

How to set up

First, you will need the Basic plan or higher for this method. Make sure you are on the right plan.
Second, you will need to enable the Thank you (Order status) page links

Go to the Fileflare app > Settings
Click on “Checkout settings“
Enable the option “Display download links on checkout page“

Go to your Shopify admin dashboard
Click on Settings > go to “Notifications“
Click on “Order confirmation“

Click the “Edit code” button

Now, you will need to search for the button code to adjust the text. We will adjust the text on the button. That’s all that is needed for this method.

If you have the button in English, simply search for View your order by typing Control + F or Command + F on your keyboard. It’s located on line 162 at the time of writing this, as shown below.

Now change the text to something that applies to you. In this example, I will use “Download your files & view your order“.

Click “Save”

That is all you need to do for this method. It simply changes the text of the button that is already there. The downloads will show on the same page as where the order details are.

Full guide (method 1, 2, and 3)

Read full guide

Updated on: 11/04/2024

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