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Enable Downloads for the New Checkout Pages (Checkout Extensibility)

Enabling downloads on Checkout Extensibility (new checkout pages)

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Go to your Shopify admin
Go to "Settings"
Click the "Customize" button

Next, you need to add the app to both of these pages:

Thank you - the page that appears directly after an order is placed
Order status - the page that appears when clicking the "View order details" button from Shopify's order confirmation, or from within the Shopify admin

Go to "Sections" in the top-left, then select the "Add app block" button at the bottom

Select the Fileflare block & place it on your page

Please follow this step for both the Thank You page and the Order Status page. This is important if you have enabled the download details inside Shopify's order confirmation email.


Updated on: 09/06/2024

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