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How to Place a Test Order

2 Methods to place a test order to test Fileflare

Ensure that you have set up your store correctly for digital products by reading our checklist.

Method 1: Create an order

This method is best most of the time unless you are testing cost amounts on orders. It works best if you are using our Digital Products delivery app.

You can actually create an order within Shopify’s dashboard. This doesn’t bring you through the checkout as well as the other options, but I thought I would inform you of this one in case it works for your process.

Go to the Shopify dashboard
Go to “Orders“
Click on “Create order“
Click the “Add discount” text and enter 100%
Choose a product
Enter a customer test email if you want
Once you have entered the details, click on “Collect payment” and the “Mark as paid“

Please be aware that this will show as earnings in your Shopify accounts if you don’t set a discount!

Method 2: Use a 100% discount code and follow the normal customer checkout process

This method is best for established and running stores, so you do not mess with the payment gateways. Unfortunately, you will not be able to test money or prices when you use this method.

Navigate to your Shopify dashboard
Click on “Discounts“
Click on “Create discount“
Choose “Amount off order“
Type “100%” and generate a code, then click “Save“
Now, purchase your product on your Shopify store, but enter the discount code at checkout, and you will see the process.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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