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How to change the text & language

To dynamically change the download email content for multiple languages, see this guide.

What plan do I need?

There are three locations that your customers see when delivering downloads. All of these are customisable to your own language:

The download button
The download box for the checkout Thank You page, Order Status page, and Customer Account downloads
Email template customisation

How to customise the language of text for your customers

1. Customising the checkout page download box

The download box shows on the checkout Order Status & Thank you pages, and on the Order page in the customer accounts.

Go to the Checkout settings. Here, you can change the text for these options:

Download button text
Download box title
Download box extra text

2. Customising the email template text

You will need the Growth plan to unlock the email template customisation.

Again, it’s really easy to customise the email templates and add your own language. Once you have the Growth plan or higher, you can go to:

Then go to Edit email templates

Here, you can customise the templates to say anything you want and in any language. The normal template that goes with every order is called the “Fulfilment template”.

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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