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How to translate the email text language for each country dynamically

If you are looking to translate the download email that is sent to customers, you will need to add the downloads to the Shopify Order Confirmation email, and then use Shopify's app to translate those emails. It's not currently possible to deliver multiple languages using the Fileflare email system, but you can do it with Shopify's!

How to set up

The process is simple, all you need to do is:

1. Add the download details to Shopify's order confirmation email

To add the Fileflare download details to Shopifys order conrirmation email, it's really simple. The way it works is that you will need to enable the Thank You page download links (enabled by default on all paid plans), and then add the download text into the button in the emails.

Go to your Shopify admin
Go to "Settings"
Go to "Notifications"
Go to "Order confirmation email"
Change the text in the button to "Order details & downloads" or similar

Or you can go to our guide to learn more about the options available.

2. Install Shopify's Translate & Adapt app

Install the app here.

3. Add your languages to Shopify admin

Go to Shopify admin
Go to Settings
Add your languages. This is needed for them to show up in the translate app.

4. Translate the order confirmation emails

Go to the "Translate & Adapt" app

Here is where you can adjust the language settings for each country

5. Disable the Fileflare download emails

Go to Fileflare
Additional settings
Enable the option "Disable all order download emails sent from Fileflare"

Click "Save"


Now your customers will only get one email when ordering, which is the Shopify Order Confirmation email.

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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