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Checklist to ensure store is set up correctly

1. Mark your digital products as “Digital” in Shopify

This will stop the Shipping queries from showing at checkout for the customer & also stop the Shopify physical shipping emails from sending to your customers with digital file delivery.

Go to your Shopify dashboard
Go to “Products“
Click on the product
Scroll down until you see the ‘Shipping’ section. Uncheck the option “This product requires shipping”. (If you are using variants, you will need to open the variant)

2. Ensure you are capturing emails on orders, not phone numbers

If you want to deliver downloads via email, make sure you are capturing emails at checkout so files can be delivered to your customers. Download links cannot be sent to phone numbers.

Go to Settings > Checkout > Customer contact method
Ensure the option "Email" is selected so that your store can capture emails to send the downloads.
You can capture phone numbers too, but you will need to enable checkout downloads and customer account downloads because some customers may not enter an email address.

3. Confirm that your files are attached to the product or variant

Have you checked to see if the files are attached to the correct product or variants? Each specific variant is classed as a separate product by Shopify, so if you have variant products, you will need to attach files to each variant.

You can do this by:

Go to Fileflare
Go to the “Products” page
Ensure that the files are attached to the correct variant or product.

4. Make sure your payments are captured & orders marked as “Paid”

If you experience the digital products not being delivered in your tests, please check your order’s payment status to see if it has been marked as “Paid”.

Once your orders are marked as “Paid”, the digital products will be delivered. For example, if the order just says “Authorized”, the digital products will not be sent to the customer. Once your store receives the payment successfully, the customer will receive their downloads.

The reason this happens is that the customer can receive their digital products, and then just cancel the payment before it processes. Thus, getting free products.

Authorized or pending

Digital products will not be delivered when authorized.


Digital products will be delivered once the order is paid.

Learn how to enable automatic payment capture

5. Make sure digital products in Shopify are available at all locations

Your digital products will not automatically fulfil on the Shopify orders if they are not available at all of your Shopify locations.

You can check this by:

Go to your Shopify
Go to “Products“
Click on a digital product
Scroll down to “Inventory” (if you are using variants, you will need to click into a variant)
Click “Edit locations“
Enable all of the locations and click “Save“

6. Automatically mark digital products as “Fulfilled” on orders

Learn how to set this up here.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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