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About the Email Tracking feature

Email Tracking is a unique feature that other digital download apps don’t have on Shopify.

You can find this feature on the “Order” pages. If you go to the app > go to “Orders” > click on an order > scroll down to Email Tracking.

What plan do I need?

You will need the Growth plan or higher to unlock Email Tracking.

Reasons why it’s helpful

Some reasons why Email Tracking is helpful are:

Some customers claim they have not received the email and go to their bank to file a chargeback saying they have not received the products.
Understand how customers interact with your emails.
Increases trust and professionalism
Improves your overall brand

About Email Tracking

This gives you the ability to see:

If your customer has opened the email
If the email has bounced
Type of email that was sent
If there was an email sent

Note: Email tracking takes about 5 minutes to update on the order page. This is due to the email system updating and sending us the data.

Types of emails

Download delivery email – the normal download email sent with an order
File replace email – when replacing an asset with a new version
Pre-order email – when using release dates

Updated on: 17/12/2023

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