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Why are the download emails not sending?

There could be many reasons why the download emails are not sending. Be sure to check the below if you find that they are not sending for you!

Check the order status is "Paid"

Check if the order has been paid. If the order status is Pending, Authorized, Cancelled, Refunded, or another other than Paid, the email will not be sent until the order is paid.

This helps prevent customers from getting the downloads before paying, and then cancelling their order to get free products.

Ensure the below setting is disabled

If the “Disable all order download emails” option is enabled, Fileflare will stop sending download emails to customers.

Make sure that this setting is left unchecked (disabled) so that the emails will be sent to your customers. This setting is disabled by default. It will only be enabled if someone manually processes it.

Ensure you are capturing emails on orders

If you want to deliver download emails, you will need to capture emails on orders. If you have the Thank you page download links enabled, then you don’t need to worry about this, unless you want download emails delivered, too.

By default, Shopify allows customers to checkout with either their phone number or email. You can change these settings by:

Going to your Shopify dashboard
Go to “Settings“
Go to “Checkout settings“
Scroll down to the “Customer contact method” section
Ensure you are capturing emails on orders.
Download emails cannot be sent to phone numbers.

Have you checked to see if the customer email is valid?

If your email sends, but the customer has not received it, it could be one of few things.
Sometimes customers can mispell their email address. All you need to do is go to the order page in Shopify or Fileflare, and update the email address, then resend the email in Fileflare.
Email isn't the most reliable method of communication, because sometimes genuine emails fall in teh spam folder. This is a common issue which is frustrating. I would recommend upgrading to a paid plan to unlock the thankyou page links. These will always show for every order and do not rely on email.

There could be an issue with Shopify or infrastructure (very rare)

This is very rare, but it has happened in the past. Shopify does have problems sometimes, and unfortunately, people think it's the app's fault. This is unavoidable on our side. If Shopify or the infrastructure is down, we need to wait until their developers have solved the issue.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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