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Customer account downloads are still not showing, what do I do?

The downloads are still not showing. What should I do?

You will need to double-check that you have a few things in place to ensure the downloads show:

Make sure there are files attached to the Shopify products in the order. If there are no files attached to the products or order, then no download links will show on the order page.

Make sure you are looking at the Order page in the accounts. The downloads are specific to an order, so they show on the order page, not the main customer account page.

If the order is refunded, partially refunded, cancelled, voided, then the downloads will not show anymore.

Go to the Order page and check to see if the payment status is "Paid". If it is not, then the downloads will not show because the order has not yet been paid.

Are you on the right plan? The customer account downloads are on the Premium plan.

You could be looking for an order that was placed before installing Fileflare. You may need to click the “Import previous orders” button on the Orders page to import older orders if you haven’t already. Contact us if you need us to sync orders.

Make sure you have enabled the customer account feature in Settings > Checkout settings.

Make sure you have placed the snippet code correctly in the right theme file. Contact us if you need guidance.

If you are using an app like CustomerHub or Froonze, ensure you have enabled the integration in their app.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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