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Examples of download delivery: What do my customers see?

How will my customers receive their downloads?

The download page:

This is the download page where the files show when you have the download page enabled. You can deliver downloads in two ways - using a download button & page, or delivering download links in a bullet point list.

The download box inherits the styling of your theme, but you customize this further by following our styling guide.

Methods of download delivery

Your customers receive their downloads using these methods:

1. Fileflare download email

By default on all plans, Fileflare will deliver a download email with the files to your customers. You can enable or disable this by following this guide.
Learn how to customise the email templates.

Fileflare email with a button

The button leads to a download page on your store where you can see a list of downloads.

Shopify order confirmation email - button

If you have the Basic plan or higher, you can show a download button in the Shopify order confirmation email. This will link to the Thank you page where the customer will receive the downloads.
Learn how to set this up.

3. On the Thank you & Order Status page (Basic plan or higher)

It's possible to fully customise the text in this box from the Checkout settings. The styling of the box will use Shopify's checkout page styling.

With a button

4. In the customer accounts (Premium plan)

There are two methods for customer account downloads:
Showing downloads on the Order page in the accounts
Showing a "View all downloads" button on the main account page

Showing downloads on the Order page:

This works by injecting the download links onto the order page inside the customer accounts. This method uses your store's CSS styling, so that it aligns with your theme.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Showing a "View all downloads" button on the main account page

If you want to use this method, please contact us and we can provide a snippet of code to add to your theme that you can place in any location inside the customer accounts. Clicking this link or button will show a page of all customer's orders with the downloads.


Updated on: 11/04/2024

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