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Bulk-attach files to Shopify products using a CSV

Which plan do I need?

You will need any paid plan, starting from the Basic plan.

Important instructions for the CSV

All files (assets) are automatically linked to the products via the SKUs of the Shopify products. Please ensure everything is spelt correctly, otherwise, the asset will not connect to the product.
Do not remove or rename the column headers in the CSV.
There is a 30MB upload limit for a CSV file.

Two columns to fill:

SKU – This is your stock-keeping unit. You can assign a unique code (SKU) to each product & variant on the Shopify product page
Asset name – This is the name of the asset. You must include the file extension! For example – filename.mp4

What if I want to attach multiple assets to one product?

If you want to attach multiple assets to a single product/variant, just create another row and add the same SKU, and then add the new asset name beside it. Example below:

How to do bulk-attach using CSV

Step 1 – Upload your files if you haven’t already

You will need to upload all of your files to Fileflare.

Go to Upload in the main navigation
Upload your files to the "Upload files" section

Second method: Learn how to upload thousands of files by uploading to your own S3 storage account and linking it to Fileflare - Learn more. You can still upload thousands of files using the native Fileflare uploader.

Step 2 – Fill in the CSV template & upload it

Go to Upload in the main navigation
Go to the "Bulk attach" tab

Download the CSV template
Input your data into the CSV:

Your product SKUs
Your asset names including the file path (e.g.

IMPORTANT: You need to make sure that the “Asset name” and “Product SKU” are spelt correctly. Otherwise, the connection will fail. Also, it is crucial that you include the file extension (eg. .mp4) in the asset name. You will be able to download a CSV of failed rows if any fail, so you can easily fix and try again.

Upload the CSV back to the "Bulk attach" tab's uploader

Updated on: 14/04/2024

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