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Setting up your email using SMTP - All Methods


Fileflare allows you to connect your own email address to allow Fileflare to send download emails using your email address. There are two methods of doing this:

SMTP - Connecting your email directly to Fileflare using SMTP to allow Fileflare to send emails using your account.
SendGrid SMTP API - Connect your email to SendGrid, then connect SendGrid to Fileflare using SMTP. This is easier to set up, and provides ways to get better email deliverability.

You cannot use an alias email using SMTP. You must use a real email address because SMTP requires a direct connection. If you want to use an alias, please use the SendGrid SMTP API method.

How to do it

Using the normal SMTP settings on your email account

You can set this up by following our full guide for connecting your email address to Fileflare.

Using the SendGrid SMTP API

Learn how to use your own SendGrid account to send emails via SMTP by following our full guide for SendGrid SMTP API.

Updated on: 03/05/2024

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