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How much storage can I get?

Method 1: Contact us for a custom plan with more than 1TB+ storage

Fileflare has 4 plans available, each with dedicated storage amounts of up to 1TB. If you are interested in getting more than 1TB of storage, feel free to contact us and we will be able to cater for your needs, or you can follow the steps below.

Method 2: Connect your own storage server (best option)

I would highly recommend that you create your own S3 storage server and connect it to Fileflare. It's quite easy to do, and we can help you set it up if you need any help. It's best to connect your own S3 from the beginning of using the app so that all uploaded files are hosted on your S3 and not a mix of ours and yours.

If you connect your own S3 server to Fileflare, that means you control all of your storage costs and limitations through your S3 provider. Fileflare will not give you limits on storage when using an S3, meaning that you have full control over your assets and storage limitations.

Also, you can upload the files directly to your S3 using your hosts platform, and then read them in Fileflare after you have connected them. That means you don't need to re-upload them via Fileflare.


Connect Cloudflare R2 server to Fileflare (best option)
Connect Amazon S3 server to Fileflare
Comparison guide for all S3-compatible server costs and details

What happens to the files that I uploaded to Fileflare before I connected the S3?

If you have files uploaded to Fileflare before connecting your own storage server, they will remain in your Assets page safely. For any newly uploaded files, they will go direct to your S3 server. But for the remaining files that were already uploaded before connecting, they will remain on Fileflare's default server. If you want to transfer them, you will need to use the "Update asset" function. This will essentially replace the file but upload the new version to your server.

Updated on: 18/03/2024

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