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Connect your own S3 storage server

What is an S3 server?

An S3 server stands for Simple Storage Service. It was created by Amazon Web Services originally, but other platforms have adopted the architecture, such as Cloudflare, Digital Ocean, and others.

You can essentially have your own cloud storage space on either of these platforms, and then connect it to Fileflare so that Fileflare will use your storage service for any hosted files. It gives you more control over your storage costs and files. Fileflare does not apply storage limitations when you connect your own storage server, giving you unlimited storage possibilities.

Learn how to connect your own S3 in our guides below:

Connect Cloudflare R2 server to Fileflare

Connect Amazon S3 server to Fileflare
Comparison guide for all S3-compatible server costs and details

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Updated on: 17/04/2024

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