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How to reset the download limitations for an order

Sometimes customers will hit a download limitation and need access to their downloads again. You can easily increase their limits for an individual order by going to the Order page in Fileflare. See below.

Resetting the download links for an individual order

You can reset download limits for customers easily by going to the Order page.

Simply go to the Order page in Fileflare
Uncheck the “Use global limitations” checkbox
Adjust the limitations for that customer’s individual order to increase their limits. You do not need to send a new download email. This applies to all previous links the customer has for that order
Click “Update“
Once you have clicked the Update button, the new limits for that order will be set. These new limits will override the global limits. Now, the customer will instantly be able to download the files again using the same download links that previously got.

What do my customers see when they hit the limits?

When customers reach the limitations, they will be brought to a page informing them that they have been blocked with an explanation of why. They will be encouraged to contact your support for more information.

Below is an example of what shows for a customer when they reach the limit. Each limitation has its own text explaining why they have hit the limit.

The fraud setting will not show anything to your fraudulent customer. They will not receive any download links at all until you send the download email if you find they are genuine.

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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