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How to cancel my subscription

How to change your plan

Step 1 – Go to the plans page

Click on the ‘Settings’ page
Click on Change your plan

Step 2 – Choose your plan

Decide and click the button on which plan you want to upgrade or downgrade to. Proceed to follow the next steps by Shopify.

How to cancel your subscription service

All you need to do is change your plan to the free plan by clicking the Cancel subscription button, and your subscription will be cancelled by Shopify. This will move you onto the free plan.

Or, you can uninstall the app, and Shopify will cancel the subscription automatically.

Closing or pausing your store

Please be aware that closing your store and pausing your store handle subscriptions differently. Shopify is in control of all billing systems, so these are rules that they have set.

Closing your store - app charges will be "Frozen" until you open your store up. You will not be billed for the charges when your store is frozen.
Pausing your store - app charges will continue to charge. Shopify recommends merchants to cancel subscriptions if you are pausing the store so that you do not have large bills when you open again.

Consider uninstalling any third-party apps that have recurring charges so that you're not billed for those apps after you pause your store.

Updated on: 11/01/2024

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